A new, improved EW software: QuakeUP

We will soon make available a new software, QuakeUP, which will incorporate all the more advanced developments in the Early Warning algorithms produced by the academic spinoff , gemmed by RISSCLab research group. These improvements will include the production of a real-time Intensity Map based on the actual measurements of ground shaking in the epicentral area, enabling a more robust and realistic alert to end-users compared to traditional methods based only on GMPE, location and magnitude, which can only provide coarser estimates.
Category Description PRESTo v1.0 QuakeUp
SOFTWARE Info Earthquake Early Warning System based on location, magnitude estimation and PGA,PGV prediction at specified targets from GMPEs Alert-oriented Earthquake Early Warning System based on the prediction of the Potential Damage Zone evaluated by smart combination of GMPEs, from location and magnitude, and early measurements at sites
Released YES Request A Quote!
Maintenance YES YES
License Free (GPL source code) Proprietary

INPUTS Accelerometers/Velocimeters One Sensor Per Station Both Sensors Per Station
SeedLink (real-time) YES YES
SAC files (playback) YES YES
SEED files (playback) NO YES

OUTPUTS Location, Magnitude YES YES
PGA, PGV at Targets YES YES
Potential Damage Zone NO YES
Waveform Archive NO YES
Bulletin (Web) NO YES
Performance Statistics (Web) NO YES

FEATURES Adaptive Signal Filtering NO YES
Site Effects NO YES
Configurable Equations PGA/PGV Only YES
Configurable Screen Layout NO YES
Filter External Events NO YES

ALARMS Target Shaking and Lead-Time
(UDP string to a list of IPs)
Source Parameters
(QuakeML broadcast via a Broker server)
Support for the EEW Display YES YES
Summary e-mail
(screenshot, KML, log)

 PRESTo v. 1.0

Bumped the version number to PRESTo v. 1.0. This is the most recent stable version. We removed all the experimental algorithms that were left in previous releases for testing (albeit disabled by default).

As usual, you can download the Windows, Linux or Mac version, along with source code.

 PRESTo v. 0.2.8

A new release is available, PRESTo v. 0.2.8. It adds some requested features and improvements:

Windows, Linux and Mac versions are available in the downloads section, including the source code.

 PRESTo for Mac

PRESTo v. 0.2.7 is now also available for Mac OS X. The Downloads section contains the executable (OS X 10.6 - Snow Leopard and above), example data and the source code with an XCode project.


PRESTo was included in the Seismological Software Library(external link) at ORFEUS(external link), the non-profit foundation aimed at coordinating and promoting broadband seismology in the European-Mediterranean area.

 PRESTo @ SeisCode

Added a PRESTo project page(external link) to Seiscode(external link), a community repository for software used in seismological and related fields, hosted by IRIS.

 PRESTo @ REAKT Meeting

PRESTo worldwide applications within WP4 and WP7 of the REAKT Project(external link) were presented at the 2nd annual meeting, held in Zurich on October 23-25.

 PRESTo v. 0.2.7

PRESTo v. 0.2.7 has been released. The Downloads section contains Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) executables, as well as the C++ source code.


Welcome to the official site of the PRESTo project, a free and open source software platform for Earthquake Early Warning (EEW)(external link)